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Listen more about The Bigger Game Model from Pat Obuchowski.

Listen to Sandra Yancey, founder of eWomen Network as she interviews Pat Obuchowski on WBAP News/Talk 820, an ABC/Disney Company, and the #1 listened-to radio station in Texas.

Would you like to come and play in a 'Bigger Game' Workshop? By 'game' I merely mean what you're up to in life. Bigger is NOT harder - this is fun stuff! This is a Leadership and Social Change Model that works every day in our lives! This will help you live an intentional life.

"Thank you for an amazing and rewarding weekend. The program was exactly what I needed at exactly the perfect moment and I got so much out of the program! I felt like I was in an "aha" factory with one "aha" coming after another and another and another!
What a beautiful container for transformational change and for identifying passion and purpose."

- Susan MacCaul

Our objectives in this workshop are to:

  • Clearly define the elements of The Bigger Game Model.
  • Have you learn what it means to be a Bigger Game Player.
  • Have you explore your own personal Comfort Zones and potential Bigger Game.
  • Outline the process of setting up a Bigger Game strategy, so that you are experienced enough to meaningfully move into bold action around your Bigger Game.
  • Connect you with other Bigger Game Players and find Allies.

A Bigger Game asks you to grow and evolve and develop additional competencies. It will shape you and calls for the best use of you - for the leader in you. It will help you design intentionally who you want to be. See for more information related to the model.

"The Bigger Game provided me with a framework that makes sense out of my 'whole life'. Using the model as a backdrop, I take the focus off of me, and turn the light outward, to see me in service to the world."
- Rita Trumbo

Email for more information.

Come! It would be great fun working together!