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"As my personal coach, I hired Pat to help me uncover how to not just coast through my life, but live it with purpose and passion. Every week provides thought provoking conversations that inspire me to think deeply about how I want to be and what I want to do. Pat suggests challenges, inquiries and actions that take my learning each week to a higher level. I have been able to uncover what that is and have watched it evolved with pleasure and quite a degree of self-satisfaction. It is a marvelous experience to "grow" and "stretch" at age 46!"
- T.O., Educator

"Last Thursday and Saturday, I did seminars. The usual hope is to have about 30-35% of the attendees make appointments. On BOTH the Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning sessions, I made appointments AND received the same number of requests for calls to set appointments. That made my percentage close to FIFTY percent. I owe a great deal to coaching for this success; you helped me have the courage to be myself, to stand alone on my own, and to honor my own abilities. Thank you!"
- M.R., Lawyer

"Pat made the whole experience of being coached fun. At the end of each session I felt more hopeful and motivated to take charge of my goals and go after them. Whether it was helping me organize my desk or plan my next career move, she asked excellent questions and made me feel supported and challenged--just the combination I needed!"
- M.L., Executive Director of a Non-Profit

"Not only did Pat help me think outside the box, her inspired coaching taught me how to catch the ball of thoughts bouncing around in my brain and look at them with a whole new perspective. Pat coaches with gentleness, kindness, wisdom and love, pointing you to tomorrow."
- S.M., Interior Designer

"Working with Pat, I had a major break through about the life I want to lead. Now that my goal is clear, everything else is falling into place. She provided the safety and space for me to dream big. I now have a very clear vision of what I want and am working towards it."
- R.H., Web Designer