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Message from Pat - Pay Attention

Paying Attention at Work

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Message from Pat - Pay Attention

"Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention."

~Jim Rohn


Photograph by Hogne

With one of my Strengths being Learner (StrengthsFinder 2.0), I am now taking a course in the Neuroscience of Leadership at the NeuroLeadership Institute.

NeuroLeadership is an emerging field of study focused on bringing neuroscientific knowledge into the areas of leadership development, management training, change management, education, consulting and coaching.

This field helps individuals and organizations fulfill their potential through better understanding how the human brain functions at individual, team and systemic levels. The four domains of focus in this areas are:

  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Staying cool under pressure
  • Collaborating with others
  • Facilitating change

It has been interesting to understand more about these areas from a scientific point of view and it has helped me already understand why individuals who are normally rational, smart people sometimes do stupid things.

I'd like to talk about attention. Attention is defined in this program as "the ability to focus on a particular sensory input, while inhibiting the urge to focus on distracters elsewhere in the environment.” We are always choosing where to place our attention.

"When we talk about understanding, surely it takes place only when the mind listens completely - the mind being your heart, your nerves, your ears- when you give your whole attention to it."

~Jiddu Krishnamurti

Here are just a few things I've learned about attention:

  • It is impossible to learn and remember information to which the brain has not paid any attention.
  • Our brain is not designed to remain attentive and focused on the same stimuli for extended periods of time. It cannot hold a lot of information for a long period.
  • The brain needs down time to process all it has taken in which is why sleep is critical.

In the world competing for our attention, we actually go through three processes before we can pay attention. 1) We are alerted that something is happening. 2) We determine if it is good or not so good. 3) We make the decision of how to react. All this is done in a very, very short span of time. And this keeps repeating over and over and over.

  • We pay attention to things like emotions, threats and s-e-x. Regardless of who you are, the brain pays a great deal of attention to these questions: Can I eat it? Will it eat me? Can I mate with it? Will it mate with me? Have I seen it before?
  • The brain is not capable of multi-tasking. We can talk and breathe, but when it comes to higher level tasks, we just can't do it.
  • Driving while talking on a cell phone is like driving drunk. The brain is a sequential processor and large fractions of a second are consumed every time the brain switches tasks. This is why cell-phone talkers are a half-second slower to hit the brakes and get in more wrecks.

I am finding more and more that multi-tasking does not work even though workplaces and schools actually encourage this type of behavior. Walk into any office and you'll see people sending e-mail, answering their phones, Instant Messaging, and on Facebook—all at the same time. Research shows your error rate goes up 50% and it takes you twice as long to do things.

So, stay focused and pay attention. Deep attention.

"I think the one lesson I have learned is that there is no substitute for paying attention."

~Diane Sawyer

Step into leading and play a Bigger Game in your life...don't wait...model leadership...the World needs us to do this.

Lead strong!


Paying Attention at Work? Majority of Business Professionals Aren't - at Great Cost to Business


Photograph by Paul

No wonder many businesses seem to be missing the mark these days - few business professionals are paying full attention! A survey by RoperASW, an NOP World company, and TANDBERG (OSLO: TAA.OL), a leading global provider of video communication systems and services, finds that the methods businesses use most heavily to communicate outside the office - e-mail and phone - are insufficient to establish the foundation for smart business decisions.

What's the price tag for inefficient communications at work? The survey found that 56 percent of business professionals estimate they waste more than half-an-hour a day using inefficient communication methods. In the U.S., among management, sales and office professionals, TANDBERG estimates inefficient communication represents an annual cost to U.S. businesses alone of a shocking $297 billion.


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"I sometimes worry about my short attention span, but not for long."

~Herb Cain

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Until next time, I wish you joy and fun and ease and effortlessness!

Pat Obuchowski
CEO, Chief Empowerment Officer

Helping people step into their roles as leaders in their businesses, their communities and the world. Helping people and organizations find their "Bigger Game™".

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"My experiences over the last two years with Pat have been very fulfilling and rewarding. I have engaged Pat to work with me in team development, team identity and team goals. Additionally, Pat has facilitated two team building sessions for my multi-generational and very diverse team. She has helped me to obtain personal feedback from my team, continue to develop my leadership growth, and grow my team's skills. Pat brings a wonderful combination of listening/empathy and "cut to the chase" to any coaching situation. She brings a wealth of tailored coaching and development tools that she can pull out of her bag like magic. She is a delight to work with!"

~Lessly Field, Director, PG&E


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