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Message from Pat - Truth About Leadership

A Taoist Story

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Message from Pat - Truth About Leadership

"To be a leader is to enjoy the special privileges of complexity, of ambiguity, of diversity - but especially the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who permit us to lead."

~Max DePree


Global Player by Alles-Schlumpf

by Alles-Schlumpf


I have often wondered if you take someone who is a great leader out of their context or circumstance, would they continue to be a great leader?

Well, my question has been answered.

The answer is "Yes!"

I had the opportunity to hear Jim Kouzes, co-author with Barry Posner, of "The Truth about Leadership: The No-Fads Heart-of-the-Matter Facts you need to know."

After thirty years of research and more than one million responses to Kouzes' and Posner's leadership assessment their new work explores the fundamental, enduring truths of leadership.

They have found that certain leadership fundamentals get carried over regardless of where you are located in the world or your generational or cultural differences.

Here are the authors 10 realities of leadership:

  • You Make a Difference: Before you lead, you have to believe you can have a positive impact on others. You have to believe in yourself.

  • Credibility is the Foundation of Leadership: You have to believe in you, but others have to believe in you, too.

  • Values Drive Commitment: People want to know what you stand for and believe in.

  • Focusing on the Future Sets Leaders Apart: The capacity to imagine and articulate exciting future possibilities is the defining competence in leaders.

"Leadership is about magnetic communication. Leaders have a way of communicating that draws people toward the vision, and the horizon."

~ Doug Firebaugh

  • You Can't Do It Alone: No leader ever got anything extraordinary done without the talent and support of others.

  • Trust Rules: Trust is the social glue that holds individuals and groups together.

  • Challenge Is the Crucible of Greatness: Adversity and change bring you face-to-face with your level of commitment, your grittiness, and your values.

  • You Either Lead by Example, or You Don't Lead at All: You can't ask others to do something you aren't willing to do yourself.

  • The Best Leaders are the Best Learners: You have to believe that you (and others) can learn to lead, and that you can become a better leader tomorrow than they are today.

  • Leadership is an Affair of the Heart: Leaders are in love with their constituents, their customers and clients, and the mission that they are serving.

When asked: "What's the best way to teach young children how to lead an ethical way of life?," the Dalai Lama answered: "It doesn't matter what you tell them to do. They will watch and imitate you; they will do what you do; and so you are faced with the hardest task of all--to be ethical yourself."

Step into leading and play a Bigger Game in your life...don't wait...model leadership...the World needs us to do this.

Lead strong!


A Taoist Story

Why by e-Magic

by e-Magic

I recently presented to the Women in County Government Organization on Resiliency. I closed with the following reading that I'd like to share with you. It's a different perspective.

"Most of us divide up our life experiences into those we like and those we don't. But the Taoists masters teach us to look deeper. In the flow of yin and yang everything is constantly changing into its opposite. The more we live with awareness of the inevitable tides of Tao, the more it seems superficial and misguided to reject some experiences and try to hold onto others. It is better to accept the wholeness of life.

A traditional Taoist story illustrates these teachings.

When an old farmer's stallion wins a prize at a country show, his neighbor calls round to congratulate him, but the old farmer says, "Who knows what is good and what is bad?"

The next day some thieves come and steal his valuable animal. His neighbor comes to commiserate with him, but the old man replies, "Who knows what is good and what is bad?"

A few days later the spirited stallion escapes from the thieves and joins a herd of wild mares, leading them back to the farm. The neighbor calls to share the farmer's joy, but the farmer says, "Who knows what is good and what is bad?"

The following day, while trying to break in one of the wild mares, the farmer's son is thrown and fractures his leg. The neighbor calls to share the farmer's sorrow, but the old man's attitude remains the same as before.

The following week the army passes by, forcibly conscripting soldiers for a war, but they do not take the farmer's son because he cannot walk. The neighbor thinks to himself, "Who knows what is good and what is bad?" and realizes that the old farmer must be a Taoist sage."

~ From The Tao Book and Card Pack by Timothy Freke

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