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Message from Pat

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum to the women and men to gather wood, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea."

- Antione De Saint-Exupery

What I get from these words is that leadership is an art. It's the art of inspiring and enrolling people to undertake an adventure for the sake of a common vision.

Think about all the people who have had a significant impact in your life. Who is it that played a role of such significance that you felt changed for the better by knowing them? What qualities did they have? I'm confident that the ones who inspired you most had the capability to move you in some way, not only through their words, but also through who they were…what behavior they were modeling. I bet it was someone who believed that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. I bet they thought you could achieve extraordinary things.

This is what is called 'Magnetic Leadership'. People who are magnetic leaders possess the quality of attraction and they embody a powerful force which pulls others toward their presence, their ideas and their essence. They have something that sets them apart from the average. They show an aura of confidence. They mean what they say and come alive when speaking about what they love. They show emotion. They 'pull' you towards them. Didn't the people you thought of as having a significant impact in your life have something 'magnetic' about them? Wasn't there a sort of attraction to them?

"Magnetic Leadership is more than directing people to be more productive; it is about modeling behavior that is thoughtful, creative, sincere, credible, competent and respectful."

– Dana May Casperson

I've been reading a little gem of a book called "Magnetic Leadership" compiled by Doug Smart. This book consists of brief vignettes of what consultants and trainers believe are the 'secrets' that attract people to powerful leadership. I put the word 'secrets' in quotes as I don't really think they're secrets. I think it is just using the skills in the above quote. I think it is just being passionate and enrolling about 'the ship you want to build'.

"You don't have to be a 'person of influence' to be influential. In fact, the most influential people in my life are probably not even aware of the things they've taught me."

- Scott Adams

How do you be a person of influence? Bonnie Dean writes about the 21 most important words to use when leading others. Try using these and begin to notice how you are becoming a 'person of influence' when you use these:

    The Six Most Important Words…"I admit I made a mistake". This phrase makes you human and sets the stage for others to admit they make mistakes too.

    The Five Most Important Words…"You did a great job!" No one suffers from too much recognition or praise.

    The Four Most Important Words…"What is your opinion?" People will tell us the most incredible things when we take the time to ask with genuine interest and then make time to listen with our ears, hearts, and eyes to their answers.

    The Three Most Important Words…"Let's do it!" Not, "you do it", or "get out of my way", but "Let us do this together."

    The Two Most Important Words…"Thank you." Practice this one wherever you go with sincerity and notice what begins to happen when you are grateful to others.

    The Most Important Word…"We". You are not alone in this.

I know I'm not supposed to repeat things in these ezines, but I want to close with the quote I used in my last ezine as it fits perfectly here.

"The key to your impact as a leader is your own sincerity. Before you can inspire others with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears, you own must flow. To convince them, you must yourself believe."

- Winston Churchill

Believe! And know you are always modeling! Imagine the impact on our family, our place of work, our community and even the world if we all acted fully knowing that we are modeling leadership behavior and inspiration every time we interfaced with others.

Step into it…don't wait…model leadership…the World needs us to do this.

Lead strong!


Leadership at all Levels

As someone who teaches, manages, parents or influences you'll probably already be aware that powerful leadership is not just about the boss, it's about the team, irrespective of whether that team is in the classroom, in the office or around your home.

In a driven world of instant access and fast everything the view of leadership being top down has become dated, and dare I say it, dangerous.

Every member of the team must now be engaged in a form of leadership. The most powerful teachers, managers, parents and influencers know that in order to function within the current pace of life they need to be the leader that all other leaders aspire to being.

Powerful leaders are flexible. They understand that in today's world knowledge is more vital than position. Powerful leaders understand that the child who offers an inspirational thought in the classroom is every bit as much the teacher as the person holding the board marker; powerful leaders know that adhering to the thoughts and feelings of staff is what makes them driven, as opposed to them having to be driven; and powerful parents know that a child's tantrum is sometimes about sharing the power in the household and letting them grow.

Strong leadership flows through the group, bottom to top, top to bottom with the people at the bottom often inspiring, teaching and influencing as much as the people at the top.

Strong leadership is about developing purpose and responsibility – purpose being meaning and direction, responsibility being 'ownership' and taking charge.

And while good leaders will be in charge of their specialist area – the classroom, the office or the home – outstanding leaders will have defined their purpose in every area of their life, through home and career, right out into the community.

When powerful, outstanding leaders see something that needs changing they step up to the mark and force change wherever they see it. They pull up their socks, roll up their sleeves and ask others to pitch in and join them.

True leadership is about encouraging everyone to lead. True leadership is about meaning. True leadership is about direction. True leadership is about taking responsibility wherever responsibility needs taking.

Jo Ball, Unstoppable Life,

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10 Qualities of a Great Leader – Plus 1

Great leaders are optimists first and foremost. Their tendency is to interact according to Henry Ford's observation, "whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right." Because the buck must stop somewhere and because the dynamic of authority dictates that all delegated authorities are themselves subject to authority, they understand that being a leader is far more than a title. The ten qualities listed herein are based on these assumptions and are just the beginning of developing the character of a great leader. Here's to a great beginning!

    1. Great leaders are mission inclined and ensure the survival of the vision. By making certain that the principles of that vision are daily implemented, the great leader indicates a firm grasp of the mission and visions of the organization and is in agreement with them, making a conscious choice to submit to and support them.

    2. Great leaders are providers, oriented to whatever the individual or team cannot supply for itself. The leader is often called to provide for needs the group is virtually unaware of. It becomes the role of the leader to first identify the need, and then to provide a means of fulfillment.

    3. Great leaders are motivated by the welfare of the team. The motive is never self-promotion, self-aggrandizement. The great leader self-checks frequently. The welfare of the team will always be in line with the greater mission, if integrity is at the base.

    4. Great leaders are always ready to provide the tools necessary for achieving the goals of the team. Individual and team achievement furthers the purpose of the organizational mission. Great leaders must assess the needs and provide the tools, as well as the instruction necessary to attain and maintain optimum productivity.

    5. Great leaders have great integrity (wholeness, soundness) and assume the role of keeper of ethics. Leaders must articulate the ethical expectations necessary to maintain the wholeness and soundness of the team, as well as the individual members. The two are inseparable.

    6. Great leaders are consistently teachable. Information flows from the top. Zest for information and knowledge will do the same. An eager to learn leader will generate followers enthusiastic about the process as well.

    7. Great leaders are always willing to step aside rather than compromise the team. We have established that the great leader is motivated by the welfare of the team rather than his or her own agenda, and as a result, will step aside if necessary to insure it. The same is true of the great leader's dedication to team unity and productivity. The leader will never play one member against another as a tactic, realizing that unity of purpose, when grounded in the integrity of the vision, will always lead to increased productivity and progress.

    8. Great leaders do not take control, but accept surrendered control. Seized control will ultimately end in rebellion and insurrection. Conversely, cooperation always follows surrendered control, the voluntary submission to authority. (Note: sub=under, and mission=vision, i.e., a voluntary stepping under, in a supporting capacity, to the mission of the team, the reason for its continued existence.)

    9. Great leaders understand the awesome responsibility of guiding human beings. At any level - - in any organization - - for any reason - - without reservation.

    10. Great leaders understand the difference between passion for excellence and passion for power. Passion for excellence is fervor and zeal for fineness and quality. Passion for power is lust and greed for control, at any cost. These two highlight the enormous variance between Authority and Power.

Plus One...

Great leaders always lead by example. The great leader is always willing, at any point, to walk out in front of the group. The great leader is never merely an observer. All other qualities will flow naturally from this characteristic at the very heart of great leadership.

Copyright 2005 So-lu'shunz Management Services


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"If everything's under control, you're going too slow." - Mario Andretti

Until next time, I wish you joy and fun!

Pat Obuchowski
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Pat Obuchowski is the CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of inVisionaria. inVisionaria is a company devoted to helping people and organizations find and achieve their vision and their voice. She works with individuals and organizations that are looking for structure, focus and accountability to set and achieve their goals. She also works with people who are ready to make big changes in their businesses and their lives and step into the leaders they've been yearning to be. People who are ready, willing and able to begin playing their "Bigger Game." No kidding. Right now.
The approach to achieve this and create this alliance is individually based and is designed between Pat and each of her clients.

Testimonial: "Pat and I have collectively embraced new ways of thinking and working that have transformed my ability to respond to my board, coming from a place of strength and centeredness, very different from the "reactionary" approach I found myself taking before working with Pat.
Additionally, Pat has coached me in areas of my personal life, and helped me to create more reasonable timelines and expectations for myself, in an effort to help me to regain the balance I feel I've let slip in my life. I feel that with Pat's coaching, I have held myself accountable to carving out much needed time for me.
Most importantly, Pat has truly grasped a sense of who I am. Because of this, she has allowed me to see my way through a very difficult and painful time with my board, while at the same time she has encouraged me to transform to renewed heights of leadership, both on the job and off."

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